Individual online learning

An online learning platform providing constant access to advanced material for specialist investigators to access in their own time

This online learning platform gives investigators constant access to material that will help them conduct effective investigations into sexual offences. The course will help you use psychology to create suspect-focused investigations, identify the strengths in victim evidence, and address common misconceptions held by jurors. The course will be especially useful in cases that lack physical evidence and rely heavily on effective victim and suspect interviews. The online format means investigators can cover and review the material in their own time as well as ask questions via webinars and discussion boards. Individual investigators can buy their own access to this platform or forces can buy bulk access for their teams.

Group introductory learning

Essential information for audiences of new investigators and first-response officers delivered in person or via streamed video

Sexual offences are full of complex psychology: Why do people commit these offences? What is the impact on their victims and how will this affect an investigation? How can we build investigations that will address the concerns of prosecutors and ultimately jurors? Any officer responding to or investigating an offence would benefit from an understanding of the psychology of offenders, victims, and the public. This 90 minute introductory session is ideal for first response officers and investigators who are new to working on child sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape or domestic violence.

In person

Length 90 mins including a short Q&A. Ideal audience size 25 - 500.

Video learning

A streamable 45 min video to include as part of your in-house learning package

Learning outcomes

  • Getting beyond the myths - why do the public cling to stereotypes?
  • Getting away with it - what tactics will offenders use to avoid detection?
  • Why do they do it? An introduction to the psychology of abusers
  • Victim impact - how can the police be both effective and supportive?
  • Looking after ourselves - self care when working on these difficult cases

Group advanced learning

Comprehensive information for audiences of specialist investigators delivered in person or via streamed videos

Often investigators of sexual offences need to build a solid case proving points that are rooted in psychological rather than physical evidence. Belief in consent, the reasonableness of that belief, and testimony based on memories of traumatic events are all psychological in nature. This 4 - 6 hour session for new or experienced specialist investigators will provide an in-depth understanding of the psychology involved in these crimes and tactics for working with both victims and suspects in interview. The session is suitable for investigators of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, or domestic violence.

In person

Length 4 - 6 hours. Ideal audience size 25 - 50 (but larger groups can work well).

Video learning

A series of streamable videos covering advanced material for you to include as part of your in-house learning package

Online learning

My online learning package 'The psychology of sexual offences for investigators' covers all of this content. Contact me to talk about buying bulk access for your teams.

Learning outcomes

  • Getting beyond the myths - why we need to build investigations for jurors
  • Why do they do it? The psychology of people who commit sexual and domestic abuse
  • In their own words - how suspect interviews can help your investigation
  • What's sex got to do with it? The psychology of fantasy and how this can inform your investigation
  • Victim interviews - working with traumatic memory and how to deal with rape myths in interview
  • Looking after ourselves - how do you stay healthy when working on these difficult cases?