Psychology meets art – the psychologist in residence at The Office Sessions

What happens when psychology meets art? This month I’m finding out the answer to that question by being the ‘psychologist in residence’ at an evolving art project in East London called The Office Sessions. Curated by Creative Director Caitlin Mavroleon the project takes place over seven floors of empty office space in East India Docks.

As the psychologist in residence I’m exhibiting my new book The little book on authenticity as a work in progress. You can see the book so far, my process of getting there, and watch the book grow as I pull it all together over the next few weeks. Authenticity is a great topic to discuss in a space that is dedicated to art – my book explores identity, the pull of fitting in, and the challenges and rewards of creativity. It’s about finding answers to these questions:

Authenticity_preview image 01 As well as displaying my book I’m going to be collaborating with the other artists in the space. If any of the artists want to talk to me about the psychology associated with their work then I’ll be sharing what I know about the aspect of ‘being human’ that they are exploring. I suspect that interesting things happen when art meets psychology – I’m hoping to try and capture some of the conversations I’ll be having on film.

As part of my residency I’m hosting some Q&A sessions that will be open to the public. If you’d like to come along, see my work, and talk to me about art, psychology, authenticity, or any other aspect of ‘being human’ please register using the links below:

Q&A session 1: Thursday 20th Feb, 7-9pm (Q&A at 7.30pm)

Q&A session 2: Thursday 13th March, 7-9pm (Q&A at 7.30pm)

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