One Billion Rising – this is what justice looks like to me

On 14th February 2014 I’ll be joining thousands of others in Trafalgar Square as part of V Day – a day when people come together to dance, to shout, to be seen. To give a voice and a face to the billion people who are affected by sexual violence around the world. This year’s theme for V Day is justice. As part of V Day we’re being invited to explain what justice would look like to us.

My book The courage to be me isn’t going to be finished in time for V Day but thinking about justice has prompted me to publish the epilogue from the book now. I want to tell the stories about rape and sexual abuse that don’t get told. One of those stories is Kim’s story. This epilogue is dedicated to Kim and the thousands of people like her who work tirelessly to support people who have experienced sexual abuse. Just as survivors of abuse are hidden and not talked about – people like Kim and the organisations they work for are hidden and not talked about.

Let’s change that.

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Justice for me would mean that people like Kim can write an ambitious 5 year plan for their organisation instead an 18 month survival plan; that they can be well funded by government but can also afford an independent voice from government; that they have the resources to try innovative ways to support their clients without having to wait 6 months for the funding; that they are actively part of the community because the community is interested and values the work that they do; that if someone I love needs their help they don’t have to wait a year for therapy because the organisation is overstretched, underfunded, and undervalued; that people like Kim can be given the resources to be even more brilliant than they already are.

For links to organisations that work with survivors of abuse click here.

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