The courage to be me

The courage to be me is an illustrated story about courage, self-compassion and hope after rape or sexual abuse. Join a group of women as they share their stories, learn about recovery, and find the courage to be themselves. The book combines science, storytelling and illustration to send a message of hope to the millions of people who are living with the impact of rape and sexual abuse.


“The best book on the subject I have ever come across”

“I found myself crying, smiling and even laughing at different points as I saw my own journey, hopes and fears reflected in this work”

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The courage to be me is protected by copyright. If you print, convert in to PDF, or post any content from the book on your website you are in breach of copyright law (and you’re making it much harder for me to continue to produce content like this). If you work for an organisation and would like to bulk-order the book or use some of the material with your clients please get in contact with me.